Decentralized forex and crypto trading, powered by blockchain.

Fiat currencies. In-game currencies. One exchange.


Forex / Crypto Spot Market

Singularity is a spot market supporting fiat currencies, game economy currencies, and actual cryptocurrencies. By trading these currencies as assets on the Stellar network, traders benefit from Stellar's speed, security, and liquidity.


Laser Network Compatibility

Through a federated sidechain, Singularity connects the Stellar network to the Laser Network, meaning that users will enjoy all of Stellar's benefits, while also having the ability to transact Laser Network assets through the exchange - introducing immense new trading possibilities.


Custodianship Service

At Singularity, we don't only offer full custodianship of deposits, we also provide fully transparent visibility into our custodianship structure. Clients' assets are held in Singularity's custody, with a Stellar asset issued for each unit of a given crypto, fiat, or gaming currency.

Latest News

August 22, 2018

Singularity Exchange Beta Testing Launches

After much anticipation, Singularity, one of Global Blockchain’s exchange projects, has entered the beta testing phase. Based on both Laser...
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